Book Safest Storage Space in Guildford

Not all moves are as simple as picking up the goods from one location and immediately delivering them to another location. Sometimes a situation can arise when you have to clear out your house of office but can’t move to the new location immediately for several reasons. In such instance, what will you do? You can’t just leave your furniture and valuables out on the street, right? Well, that’s what our storage facilities are there for. Whether you are selling your house, relocating across town, or simply free up valuable office space, our professional facilities of storage in Guildford are apt for it.

A reliable, safe and secure storage solution is often the missing link in removal services, but at Midland Movers, we aim to offer the complete package which includes containerised storage facilities.

Not all moves fall conveniently on the same day, and homeowners can often find themselves homeless for a day or evening. Of course, you can always check in a hotel, but where do you put all your furniture?

Over the years, we have always expanded out business and offering the cheapest storage solutions in Guildford is one of them. This Midland storage service is perfect for both individuals looking for residential storage and companies who are looking for commercial storage solutions.

From documents to desks – we store it all

All our purpose built storage facilities are designed keeping our clients’ varying needs in mind, which allows us to store just about anything from important documents to furniture to even accommodating fragile valuables and wine collections.

Our range of commercial and residential storage solutions include:
  • Long and short term storage
  • 24×7 CCTV protection
  • Fire and intruder alarm systems
  • Collection and drop off services
  • Storage for unusually shaped items
  • Dry, clean and fully secure storage location

All our storage solutions are focussed around making it easy for you to store anything until you need access to it.
As the living spaces are getting smaller and rents increasing, the removals market is fast speeding up. Precisely for this reason, more and more businesses and homeowners are feeling the need to put their possessions into storage.

There’s no doubt that the demand for storage facilities has considerably increased in the last few years as finding extra space in homes and offices has gotten far more complicated.

Our storage solutions are completely based on client preference. Whether you want to retrieve the stored items yourself or want us to deliver them to your doorstep, we can cater to your every wish.